[Windows] Auto-restart mining (batch file)

Automatically start mining when Windows is launched

Open Windows Notepad and copy the content below:

:: This batch file initiates PegNet Mining for the Orax Mining Pool.
TITLE Orax PegNet Mining
ECHO Initiating PegNet Mining. Please wait...
:: Change the below line to point to the location of your orax-cli.exe file.
:: Be sure to keep the "mine" command after the .exe file
START C:\Path\to\orax-cli.exe mine

In the last line replace the path to the actual path where your orax-cli.exe binary is located on your computer. Save the file with the name orax.bat .

Now follow the procedure described here: https://www.computerhope.com/issues/ch000322.htm to configure that batch file to launch everytime Windows is started.