Installing orax-cli

Downloading the binary for your platform

Rename the binary you just downloaded to be simply orax-cli (or orax-cli.exe on Windows).

On Linux/MacOS don't forget to make the binary executable:

$ chmod -v +x orax-cli

MacOS: using Homebrew

Orax client can be installed using Homebrew by running:

brew install oraxpool/tools/orax-cli

Version compiled with golang 1.12

The main version distributed above is compiled with the latest Go version available (1.13). It appears that on some machines/architectures a version of orax-cli compiled with Go version 1.12 can deliver better performances. Unfortunately to date we could not find what is the decisive factor that could explain this behavior, so the only way to know if you should use this version instead of the main one is to run a benchmark on your machine for both versions.