What are the benefits of joining Orax?

It is by far the simplest way to mine PEG. Solo mining on the PegNet requires an intricate technical setup as well as buying/managing Entry Credits and price data feeds. We run a reliable infrastructure that considerably simplifies the setup and leave the Orax miners with a single task: mining. Bring your CPU power, we take care of the rest.

  • Run just one single simple CLI tool.

  • No maintenance or synchronization of factomd necessary.

  • No buying/managing of Entry Credits.

  • No buying/managing of price data feed.

  • Access a simple and clear web interface to manage your miners and rewards.

  • Variance of rewards decreased (that's the goal of a mining pool after all!).

What is the pool fee?

The pool fee is currently set to 10%.

How often do I receive payouts?

TLDR: once a day, minimum 10 PEG.

Each user can set a payout threshold and will receive a payment if their account balance is above that threshold when our payment processor runs. Our payment processor currently runs once a day. This mechanism allows each user to control how often they receive payouts.

Why should I trust Orax?

Orax is run by Luciap Technology Inc., a Canadian company deeply involved both in the PegNet and Factom protocol communities: we are a core developer/reviewer of the original PegNet software and we are an Authority Node Operator of the Factom protocol. We have a long track of record of reliability and trustworthiness.

Can I use my Raspberry Pi for mining?

As 2Gb of RAM minimum are required to mine, only a Raspberry Pi 4 with at least 2Gb of RAM can be used. If you are using a 64-bit OS for it you should get the ARM64 version of the orax-cli or if you are using a 32-bit OS get the ARMv7 version.

Payouts show as sent but I cannot see them in the Factom Enterprise Wallet, why?

The Factom Enterprise Wallet (EW) does not support PegNet. While the addresses generated by the EW are valid, that wallet is not able to display PEG balances or transactions. Instead you need to use the web wallet: https://factomatic.io/wallet/ (using Chrome web browser). Follow the instructions displayed on that website for setting it up. You can then follow this tutorial to transfer your address from EW to the web wallet and be able to access your PEG.